The above are all accredited bodies which the Motor Industry belongs to for the purpose of assisting both customers and dealers in resolving disputes and in making sure that their conduct is conducive to good faith principles. They also expect their members to be compliant in terms of the C.P.A and offer support to both customers and dealers.


We have dealer codes with all the major banks:

Finance & Insurance

Our Finance & Insurance Managers are accredited, and FSP ,FAIS & FICA Compliant.


We offer various value added products i.e AA Warranties, Insurance, Maintenance Plans Car Care Vouchers Credit Life just to name a few.
These products will be discussed with you in more detail by our F&I Managers.

Service & Delivery

Our dealership offers full transparency when it comes to the fees that we charge. Our charge for service and delivery is R4950. This fee is for every step of the process that involves getting the vehicle registered into our clients name and onto the road in good order. The list of costs we incur as a dealership during this process is far more than the fee of R4 950 and a graphic of the actual costs we incur as well as our specific charge for each separate step of the process is listed below. The actual cost our dealership incurs for these services are higher than the fee we charge our clients and our fee is certainly below the industry average.

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